Articles, profiles, web pages and advertising material, blogs, email marketing program content, and radio and television copy and more.
Even the most proficient and powerful communicators need a hand getting their message across when writing about themselves or about things that are personally or professionally important.
With over 25 years media industry experience, a keen eye, a kind and open heart, practical insight and a gift for getting to the core of any matter, Melissa writes words that move people and say what clients want others to know about them and their business.
In today’s business environment the edge on competition is no longer about biggest, hardest, fastest, best. It’s about genuine, authentic, original communication wherever and however it’s said.
Melissa will help you fine tune the way you want to be seen and heard with the right mix of professionalism and personal.


Melissa debut novel – The End is the Beginning, will be available soon via Amazon.com.

About The End is the Beginning:

Gia Collier finds herself on a spontaneous holiday in Bali with her best friend Sophie. Less than 24 hours away from her husband Reece’s constant gaze, Gia has a stinging new Sanskrit (sanskrit!!) tattoo, a blinding hangover and ridiculous memories of a kiss from a lovely stranger. She’s going to get it when she gets back home. So she’s not going home. Stepping back from the plane at Denpasar Airport, Gia feels uncharacteristically like an irresponsible wife and mother. For the first time in her adult life she’s defying her husband and she’s scared. Through a barrage of vicious texts and blistering phone calls, Reece’s usual combative tactics aren’t working. He knows things about her that could tear her world apart and keep her stuck with her constant companions of grief, fear and guilt.  Her restrictive life is unravelling fast as ‘Bali Time’ takes a hold. Bumping into Christopher Holland doesn’t help. He’s a ridiculously famous actor. What the hell would he want with a worn out would be sculptor from a tiny country town in Australia. Is his offer to take her to Paris while he works on his next role genuine?